1. What is your Return Policy?

Due to the nature of Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Books and Prints, we are unable to accept returns.

2. What if my book is received damaged?

Please read our return policy section located at the bottom of the website.  If your book(s) are received damaged in shipping, we request you send photos of the damaged packaging and book to: lsjrockphotos@gmail.com.  The item will be reviewed and remedied to the best of our ability, or a full refund may be issued.

3. What shipping methods do you use?

We use exclusively USPS (United States Post Office) and Fedex shipping services to ensure the best quality packaging and delivery.  There are several delivery options available to choose from.

4. How many books are in the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of 108 Rock Star Guitars?

There are a total of 252 Exclusive reserve copies in this Limited Edition.  There are 36 books and signed prints of each featured artist: Peter Frampton, Zakk Wylde, Randy Bachman, Dave Mason, Brian Setzer, Wayne Kramer and Steve Lukather, for a total of 252 Limited Edition copies.

5. How will I know which numbered edition I will get when placing my order?

The books are first come first served. The first order will receive 1/36 of 252 signed books and 1/36 of each respective artist print.  The last order will receive 36/36 signed book and signed print of the artist edition you purchase.

6. Who signs the books?

Lisa S. Johnson, the Photographer/Author of 108 Rock Star Guitars, will sign and number a special book plate that will be affixed on the inside of the book. (ie) 1/36 of 252

7. Who signs the giclee prints?

Both the selected artists and photographer/author, Lisa S. Johnson have signed each giclee print. The giclee prints are also a numbered limited edition print of a total of 36 prints in existence, making this a very valuable limited edition print.

8. What comes with the 10th Anniversary Limited Edition of 108 Rock Star Guitars?

This special edition includes, a signed and numbered hardcover red leatherette book.  The book is signed and numbered by Photographer/Author, Lisa S. Johnson.  Also included is a signed and numbered, limited edition giclee guitar print by one of 7 artists: Peter Frampton, Zakk Wylde, Randy Bachman, Dave Mason, Brian Setzer, Wayne Kramer and Steve Lukather. In addition, a 31" x 33" deep purple silk scarf featuring the cover art of the book, a 10-page booklet "The Inspiration Behind 108 Rock Star Guitars," a custom guitar pick and a custom silk-screened metallic ink book bag. (Book, Print, Scarf, Booklet, Pick, Book Bag)

9. Can I have my book personally inscribed?

Due to the nature of the Limited Edition book, number of elements included and packaging, these books will be hand-signed with the author's signature prior to packaging. Thus we cannot accommodate additional personal inscriptions. 

10. Can I also purchase a signed copy of Immortal Axes: Guitars That Rock?

Yes, this book is also available for purchase.  We are offering special Signed Copies, by Lisa S. Johnson along with a Custom silk-screened metallic ink book bag.  This offer is available on this website only. You may also purchase unsigned copies on Amazon.com for a lessor price and no book bag.